De Rijk Fine Art, Specialised in nul-zero
and contemporary abstract art

De Rijk Fine Art has been specialising in concrete art and art concerning the ZERO/NUL movement.The ZERO movement was founded in 1958 by Mack and Piene. Later, a.o. , Uecker, Fontana, Yves Klein, Megert, Aubertin, Goepfert, von Graevenitz, Morellet, Manzoni, Luther, Castellani, Verheijen, Colombo, Leblanc, Pohl, Kusama, Tinguely, Bartels, Holweck, Spindel, Bury, Dadamaino, Dorazio, Mavignier, Spoerri, Soto and Salentin joined the movement. Parallel to ZERO, in 1960 the NUL movement emerged in the Netherlands . It was an initiative of Henk Peeters who was joined soon thereafter by Armando and Henderikse. Initially, herman de vries also participated. The NUL-group ended in 1964 and the ZERO-group in 1966.

New artwork


Deelname Pan 2018

18 November 2018 t/m 25 November 2018

Stand 154

PAN Amsterdam – De Rijk Fine Art – Stand 154

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